"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars”


SA Registered Charity No. IT239/2003
Established in Cape Town, South Africa in 2003, the Foundation provides funds to other Public Benefit Organisations as well as undertaking Public Benefit Activities itself.

UK Registered Charity No. 1120204
CUF(UK) was registered in July 2007 with the UK Charity Commission with the sole objective of raising funds in the UK for The Children of the Universe Foundation in South Africa.

Our Vision
The Foundation aims, through sustainable grants and projects, to provide opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and communities in southern Africa to achieve their own goals, giving them hope for a better future.

How the Foundation Operates
All donations received are invested by the Trustees so as to create the maximum possible amount of revenue. Management of the Foundation’s capital is carried out by professional fund managers, with whom the Trustees have negotiated “at cost” fees.
All work undertaken by the Trustees is entirely voluntary. The foundation has no paid staff.

The Trustees continuously strive to ensure that the maximum amount of revenue reaches the intended beneficiaries, and that the minimum amount is spent on administrative costs. (Total Admin Costs for 2015 will amount to 8.04% of Total Investment Revenue)


The Trustees identify suitable beneficiaries. Before any funds are made available full details of how and where the funds will be used must be provided by any potential beneficiary. The Trustees then decide on the allocation of funds.

The Trustees carry out periodic visits to each beneficiary to monitor progress and ensure all funds are being spent correctly as intended.

Our goals

Investing in education and leaders

To provide individuals with opportunities to start or continue education.

Support existing, local extra curricula and skill projects

To provide funding to existing locally based projects, providing people with the opportunity to engage in extra-curricula activities and skills training.

Provide equipment and tools to take opportunities forward

To provide the equipment and tools necessary for people to access opportunities. To provide physical capital to support projects.

Facilitate funding of specific projects

To use CUF’s administrative and financial infrastructure to channel donations from individuals and organizations for specific projects.