Providing the equipment and tools to take new opportunities forward

“Knowledge is like a bird in a forest: no one on his or her own can ever catch it.”

Ewe oral tradition


To provide the equipment and tools necessary for people to access new opportunities.
To provide physical capital to support future leaders and local projects.

Example of Successful Projects:
Providing school uniforms and books to children who cannot afford to purchase their own.
Providing a photocopier for a pre-primary school office.
Equipping six pre-primary school classrooms with learning equipment.
Providing three sewing machines to a start-up community based adult sewing classes.


In the five year period 2016 to 2020, we will be focusing on the following core areas of activity:

Future Projects:
To continue to provide funding, where no other sources are available, for the purchase of equipment and tools necessary for CUF supported projects to provide people with learning and skills development opportunities.

How These Projects Will be Evaluated:
The success of this initiative will be evaluated from annual reports submitted by beneficiaries and direct observation of use of equipment when projects are visited by trustees as part of wider ongoing monitoring and evaluation.