Facilitate funding of specific projects

“You will see in the temple of your heaven a face of light, your face, my brother, my sister, shining amidst the dust of human stars. You are a star. Do not forget it. Lift up your eyes!”

Irénée Guliane Dioh


To use CUF’s administrative and financial infrastructure to obtain and channel donations from individuals and organizations for specific projects.

Examples of Successful Projects:
CUF has facilitated the development of the Helderberg Environmental and Educational Project (HEEP) Eco-Schools Project in the Helderberg area by obtaining grants from the Alstom Foundation and by providing financial management for these grants.


Turtle River Primary School in Florida USA has, through CUF, raised funds from the sale of beadwork made by Umnqophiso which have been used by Umnqophiso for classroom equipment.


The First Communion children of the Victor Church in Noordwijkerhout, Holland have, through CUF, raised funds for specific classroom equipment for Umnqophiso.


Two UK charities donated funds through CUF for two additional classrooms at Umnqophiso Pre-primary School.




CUF introduced a third UK charity to Umnqophiso, resulting in the addition of a further two classrooms and other facilities.


In the five year period 2016 to 2020 CUF will continue to facilitate resources from third parties to projects, in keeping with CUF’s overall mission.


How These Projects Will be Evaluated:
Projects will be evaluated by the third parties or by CUF if required. CUF will review ongoing support from time to time as necessary.