Ikamva Labantu

CUF  provides a grant of R2500.00 per month from March 2018 to support Ikamva Labantu’s deworming program.

Ikamva Labantu (The Future of Our Nation) has been serving communities in Cape Town’s  townships for over 50 years. They are extremely proud of their work and believe that their response to community needs is what gains them the trust and support of communities. www.ikamva.org.za

They have three major implementation programmes, namely Early Childhood Development (0 – 5 years old), Seniors (elderly) and Enrichment of vulnerable children and youth (6 – 18 years old). In support of these programmes, they run General Health, Family and Community Relations projects which directly engage with these programmes’ needs.

One of the ways in which their Health Department supports the Early Childhood Development schools in the community, is through a deworming drive for the learners. In 2015, Ikamva was able to reach over 1300 children in a month long outreach. In 2016, the Health department aims to reach roughly 4000 children and, if assessed to require deworming, will then go on to offer deworming and multivitamins. This is estimated to be roughly 60% – 70% of the total assessed. The cost per child is estimated at roughly R60 per child (inclusive of travel, assessment, staffing, intervention, etc)