Investing in leaders

“If you want to preserve knowledge and enable it to travel through time, entrust it to children.”

Elder Bambara initiate



To provide individuals with opportunities to start or continue education. To provide financial support to children, young people and adults to enable them to enter education, stay in education or progress to higher education.



Examples of Successful Projects:
Ten bursaries annually to pre-primary school children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to gain an education.
A bursary to a pre-primary school head teacher with which she will obtain her Bachelors Degree in Education.
One full bursary and one part bursary for two students studying Medical Sign Language at the University of Cape Town. Both are now in full time employment.

A graduate bursary awarded to a medical student at the University of Cape Town, enabling her to successfully complete the first four years of her course.


In the five year period 2016 to 2020, we are focusing on the following core areas of activity:

Future projects:
Continue to expand the number of school children receiving bursaries as funding permits.
Continue to support the graduate Medical Student for the remainder of her course.
Award a one year post-graduate bursary to students at the University of Cape Town commencing February 2016.
Provide funding to assist a school for the deaf near Cape Town.


How these Projects will be Evaluated:
Monitoring the number of school children benefitting from bursaries.
Monitoring the academic record of the university student.
Monitoring the number of school children bursary recipients who graduate to the next level of education.
Evaluating, through informal interviews with university bursary recipients, the extent to which they achieve self identified learning goals.